Chat Host Jobs

If you are single, stay at home mum, student or just want to earn some extra cash then jobs like chatting to random people on the telephone seem to be the way to go.

Random Chat right now is incredibly popular, whether or not the rise of the likes of Chat Roulette and the like have whet our appetites or not I don’t know, but finding a job that is just like this isn’t hard to do.

chat host jobs

Generally Chat Host Jobs are for people who want to moderate bingo games, chatting to the bingo players and throwing bonuses around, keeping you entertained.  However, Chat Host Jobs can also be where you will answer random calls to random strangers who just want a shoulder to cry on, to bend your ear about something or just want to have a chat because they are lonely.  Nothing wrong with it and nothing seedy about it, but it pays quite well if you spend time chatting on their systems.

If you are looking for a job like that right now and are a female over 18 years old, live in the UK and seem quite bubbly and interesting on the phone, check out:

Chat Host Jobs and Telephone Jobs in the UK

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